About Me!

Hi Everyone,

 My name is Waneta (pronounced WAH-NEE-tuh). I live in Virginia.


I am a mom of 2 boys.

Matthew who has traveled abroad for about 3 years.

Jacob who has stayed close to home but enjoys a good road trip.

 I have 2 fur-babies.

Maggie (left) is almost 10 and loves a good car ride.

Molly (right) just turned a year and is still getting used to car rides.

Yes, I do call them M&M!


My favorite thing to do is planning an awesome vacation.

 I love doing research for whatever city we are going to and finding different things to do. I will make a list with addresses of things we have to do and also a list of things we would like to do if we have time. Let’s face it vacations are never long enough and you hardly ever get to do everything you want. That’s why I usually end up in a city more than once. I want to do those things I didn’t get to do last time. I have always worked in some type of customer service position.

This is the reason, I signed up with a travel agent host agency. I can use my love of travel, research and customer service to pay those household bills.

 Do you have a trip that needs to be planned?

Are you thinking about that vacation or weekend getaway you want to take? The thought of all the planning and research making you crazy?

If so, feel free to contact me at landairseatravel@yahoo.com. I will be happy to help!

You can also find me on Facebook!  


Do you enjoy doing the research and booking your own trip? 

If so, you can visit my website and book your trip. It doesn’t cost you any extra $$$ to use my website for your booking needs.