I Love a Good Road Trips!

I love a good road trip!

Road trips are my favorite way to travel! What better way to see all of the beauty the world has to offer then on the road. Getting off of the interstate and taking the longer scenic less traveled route can result in finding a treasure, new favorite little town, place to stop and eat, park to take a walk or a special type of store.

Covered Bridge


The planning of a road trip can be time-consuming. I really enjoy it though. I like using trip maker on the Rand McNally website. It’s very user-friendly but I find it more user-friendly on my laptop than my tablet or phone. That’s just my personal opinion though.

There are lots of options!

There are a lot of options on the list of things to do for your own personal road trip. Everything from rest areas to small-town gems to picture perfect. The icons come up on the map and you just click on the icons. You can then click more info or add to trip. You can also do a search on the places to see if it is something you want to do.

You can also decide how many miles off the main highway you want to go. The options are 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 miles. If I have somewhere to be by a certain time,  stay close to the highway.

Okay, so you have added all of your points of interest. Now you can email it to yourself or print it. I do both!

Park with a waterfall

Do you like to know how much gas your trip will take?

Well, you can calculate that on the website. The website gives you the mileage and gas for your whole trip including the points of interest.

Park in Mississippi
Meridian, Mississippi

Don’t have time to make stops on the way to your destination?

Good news you can do the stops in reverse! I think this is a really cool feature. You can also do this in case you didn’t get to make all the stops you wanted on the way to your destination. 

Some tips for your road trip.

  • Always make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. The last thing you want is to be sitting on the side of the road somewhere.
  • I like to have a blanket in my car when I take a road trip. Although I make sure my car is ready for a nice road trip, you just never know. 
  • Have food and water with you. I take a cooler with water, Gatorade and a sandwich for each person. Also some snacks like fruit, chips, peanuts and granola bars. I don’t like to take snacks that I have to keep cold.
  • Never let your gas tank get too low!! I keep mine a half a tank or more. I know this might sound silly to some but the thought of running out of gas is too much for me.
  • Triple check to make sure you have the charging cables for all of your devices. I also like to have a power pack (power bank) that I charge completely before leaving the house. If my car breaks down, I will need my phone! 
  • Use a regular GPS! Don’t use your phone for a GPS. What if you drop your phone and the screen doesn’t work now? Or you didn’t download the map and you have no service in an area? 
  • Book hotel/motel stays ahead of time especially if you are traveling with children and/or pets. Road trips with children and/or pets take a little extra planning.
  • Have a first aid kit and car safety kit. Really important if you are traveling with children. A flashlight is one thing I always make sure I have in the car for road trips. 

 Until next time, safe travels


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