Traveling with my Dog

I love taking a road trip with my dog!

Of course, traveling with my dog took more planning. It also took longer to get to where we were going.

Maggie enjoys a car when she can get it. There are times I will just put her in the car and drive around our hometown if it’s been a little while since she has had a car ride.

Maggie has been on a couple of long trips.

Her first was to Illinois. Since this was her first long trip, I planned a good bit of stops. I researched for parks in the areas of our travels. Her health is very important and I wanted to make sure she got some exercise. Plus it was just Maggie and myself so I wanted to make sure the areas I was stopping at were safe.

For her first long trip, Maggie did very well.

I did have to make sure I had everything she needed in the back seat of my SUV for easy access. Her favorite toy, her blanket, leash, water bowl, and treats. I also had a small cooler with bottled water since our trip was August.

Since safety is so important, Maggie has her own safety seat.
I got it on Amazon and she wears a harness to hook her in. This is so she couldn’t try to jump out and get hurt. Plus if I had to hit my brakes hard, she was safe and she wasn’t going to go flying.

Maggie in her safety seat

I knew we were going to stop for a night at a motel, so I put a baggie of her food in my overnight bag.

I didn’t want to be digging around in the back of my SUV for her food in the dark. This was part of my planning everything and knew she would need to eat. I just measured out what I needed into a sandwich Ziploc baggie. This is also a good idea if you buy big bags of dog food. No need to carry a big bag of food with you.

When we got to our hotel in Zion, Illinois, we walked the property.

I wanted Maggie to feel comfortable. She didn’t like the elevator so we had to take the steps. I checked with the front desk about their pet policy for the beach. I wanted to make sure I followed the policy since I wanted to take Maggie on the beach. They had a great pet policy! She just had to be on a leash and I had to clean up after her (picking up her poop). The only place she wasn’t allowed to go was the restaurant and the pool/exercise area. If I wanted the housekeepers to service my room, I would have to be in there with her or she had to be put in a crate.

Maggie enjoying the beach

Maggie’s second long trip was to Mississippi.

This trip seemed easier. I think the main reason was that it wasn’t just me and my little dog. We had someone else go with us. Plus it wasn’t as long of a trip. Not just in days but also in miles. We weren’t going anywhere that we couldn’t take her with us so there was no need to worry about leaving her at a strange place while we were away. I didn’t need to make sure I was following the pet policy except for cleaning up after her. Also for this trip, I had to get a harness that hooked to the seatbelt in the vehicle. Maggie’s safety seat didn’t work well in that vehicle. She did seem to like the harness better than the safety seat.


Traveling with my dog is a great experience for Maggie!

She gets to get out of her comfort zone. I think she enjoys seeing new things just like we do. I just talked about the 2 long road trips Maggie and I have been on. We do take closer to home trips but the long ones seem more special. It’s like the difference between a long vacation and short vacation I think.

Some tips for traveling with your dog.

• Always think about your dog’s health and safety first!
• If you are going to be away from the hotel/motel for long periods of time, don’t take your dog with you.
• Take a copy of your dog’s shot record with you. You never know when you might need it.
• Make sure your dog has a tag with your contact info or has a microchip.
• Always have water for your dog. I have a travel water bottle for my dog and I love it.
• Do your research to find a park in the area to walk your dog. You might even find a dog park.
• When staying at a hotel/motel, know the pet policy and follow it. Also if your dog sheds a lot, leave a tip for the housekeeper! That pet fee that you pay, doesn’t go to the housekeeper.

Until next time, safe travels


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